3 Teams That Could Trade For Browns QB Josh McCown

The Cleveland Browns signed QB Robert Griffin III earlier Thursday, and will likely to take a QB at No. 2 overall (probably Carson Wentz). That means that the Browns are going to try to trade QB Josh McCown

McCown is in the second year of a three-year, $14 million deal. He has a cap hit just over $5 million in each of the next two seasons. That's a fair amount to pay for a stop-gap QB, which is what McCown is at this point. The Browns likely won't get much back in a trade for McCown, with a mid-to-late round pick the best they can hope for. If they don't find a trade partner, the Browns will likely cut McCown. 

Denver Broncos
Don't be confused by the trade for Mark Sanchez; he's a backup option for the Broncos. The team is still in the market for a starting QB and McCown would be a serviceable stop-gap option. The Broncos could trade for McCown and spend a draft on a QB they can develop for a few years. Of course, Denver could still end up with Colin Kaepernick. For more NFL coverage, download the Chat Sports App.

Los Angeles Rams
The Rams have a big question mark at QB. They have Case Keenum, who was okay last season, and Nick Foles, who was awful last year. McCown would be an upgrade for the short-term, and would allow the Rams to groom a QB behind him. However, Foles' contract means the Rams probably won't be able to cut him, and they like Keenum enough that they won't release him either. That means the Rams might not be able to take a QB this year. That makes a McCown trade to Los Angeles a bit unlikely. 

New York Jets
The Jets have yet to re-sign QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, who wants $16 million per year in a new contract. The Jets aren't going to pay that amount of money for Fitzpatrick. If they elect to move on, the team could go after McCown. He has a rapport with WR Brandon Marshall and can produce at a similar level to Fitzpatrick. This might be the most likely landing spot in a McCown trade. 

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