2024 NFL Draft Big Board | Final Prospect Rankings

The 2024 NFL Draft is here and so is my final 2024 NFL Draft Big Board. I've ranked a ton of players and these NFL Draft Prospect Rankings are my opinions, not where I think players will go. Obviously, I'll be higher on some players and lower on others. This year's class lacks some of the top-end talent in recent years and I don't love the quality in the mid-to-late parts of Round 1. That's why there could be some major chaos this year. 

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A little explanation on what exactly is below here. For starters is a PDF version of my big board that you can download. It's all the players ranked from #1 and down. I've only assigned rankings and grades to 300 players listed. The further down you go in the board, the smaller the difference is in player quality. These NFL Draft Prospects Rankings are not on the level of Dane Brugler, Mel Kiper, Daniel Jeremiah and the other top NFL Draft Experts. I take a more broad-stroke approach because I have to know such a massive quantity for our live 2024 NFL Draft coverage.

There's also a link to the public Google Sheet of my Big Board. This also features the ability to sort by position and I added a Horizontal version too. It's read-only, so you can't edit my rankings and make me look silly. I WOULD RECOMMEND USING THE GOOGLE SHEETS VERSION. 

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Ok, below is my 2024 NFL Draft Big Board!

For the Google Sheets Version Of My Big Board, CLICK HERE!

And here's the PDF version:

Here's the Horizontal Version of my 2024 NFL Draft Big Board

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