2021 NFL Free Agency Market Preview

There comes a time after the end of every NFL season in which all franchises take the time to reexamine their rosters, see who has earned a spot for the upcoming season or seasons and who is for teams looking to improve and hopefully even earn a Super Bowl ring in the years to come. This offseason has several big name players entering free agency with their final destinations up in the air. All best online sportsbook odds makers already have some very interesting and intriguing wagers on who will end up where, let’s take a look at how NFL free agency market might play out.

Anybody Looking for a New Franchise QB?
Man it has been a rough beginning of the year for Houston sports fans. First James Harden, the former Rockets star player decided his time was up in Houston and fled to join the Brooklyn Nets. Now, if the rumors are true, Texans star QB Deshaun Watson wants out of Houston and there’s no turning back. If you want to talk about THE BEST CHOICE to grab for any quarterback hungry teams in the market, then look no further, Watson is the man to go with.

Two teams have already come up as the top two destinations in Watson’s wish list, the Miami Dolphins who could be looking into giving the star qb their starting spot over former Alabama standout Tua Tagovailoa, sending the latter to Houston and the New York Jets who could be looking at moving on from Sam Darnold and also a busload of premier draft picks in order to get Watson.

Other notable mentions here are Saints QB Jameis Winston, who could easily well go through a career revival in another team, and Cowboys main man Dak Prescott, who while being a very attractive offer will most likely stay put in Dallas alongside his buddy Zeke Elliott and company.

Wide Receiver Galore!
Oh man, if there was ever a time for teams to go looking for seasoned pro wide receivers it’s right now. The Chicago Bears star wide receiver Allen Robinson II, Kenny Golladay from the Lions, Steelers’ tik tok famous receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster and Tampa Bay’s Chris Godwin adorn the list of star wideouts hitting the market this upcoming off season making it one of the most stacked wide receiver packs in years to hit the free agency market.

Robinson II looks poised to become the No.1 receiver in any team that’s looking for a franchise receiver, He is a great hand on, possession receiver who can beat any corner. Teams like the Jaguars and Jets, both looking to revive their receiver core and start a new life with a new QB down the middle can benefit from Robinson II greatly.

Schuster, Godwin and Golladay have all been struggling with injuries that have stopped their evolution into becoming some of the top performers in the game. While the three of them can easily become some of the best No.1 receivers in any team, they will be more dangerous and benefit any other team more if they are paired up alongside already made star receivers. Schuster thrived while playing alongside Antonio Brown in Pittsburgh and Godwin has become a top option after playing with the dominant Mike Evans in Tampa Bay.

Loading Up On Defense Is Always Key
While most teams take to the draft in order to fill up their defensive gaps with young and brash defenders the free agency market also opens up some very attractive options to get consolidated defensive monster standouts. The two main players in the helm to talk about here are both Tampa Bay Buccaneers edge rusher Shaq Barrett and linebacker Lavonte David. Both Buccaneers defensive standouts have become some of the best generational players in their positions and while David is not the young stud he once was, that has not stopped him from putting up some seriously good numbers.

While it would be hard to see him part ways with his defense partner, with whom he has made up the best inside linebacker duo in the league, Devin White, if the money is good and the conditions are met David could easily be one of the best signings this offseason. Barrett has too become one of the most solid defenders in the game, posting a 20 sack season in 2019 making him a highly sought after piece as soon as he hits the free agent market.

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