2019 NFL Draft Grades: Biggest Winners & Losers From All 7 Rounds

2019 NFL Draft Live rounds 1, 2, and 3 from Chat Sports is in the books, so check out our draft grades for every NFL team with their selections through all 7 rounds of the DRaft. NFL Daily hosts Tom Downey & Mitchell Renz break it down for you, including the biggest winners and losers with their analysis of each pick of the 2019 NFL Draft.

As for the grading, teams don't get a B just for showing up. A "B" is a good pick, while an "A" is a great pick. A "C" is not bad, it's simply average. If a team receives a D or an F, that means that the team bombed its draft pick. These grades are based on pure opinion from our NFL Draft Experts, so let them know what you think about their analysis! Follow Tom & Follow Mitch on Twitter!

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So, here is Tom & Mitch's draft analysis for each team in the NFL for all 7 rounds of the 2019 draft. You can check out the complete list of draft grades, as well as winners and losers, below:

Check out Tom Downey’s grades for each NFL team through all 7 rounds of the 2019 NFL Draft:
Washington Redskins: A
New York Giants: F
Philadelphia Eagles: A
Dallas Cowboys: C
Carolina Panthers: A-
New Orleans Saints: B+
Tampa Bay Bucs: C+
Atlanta Falcons: C
Los Angeles Rams: A-
Seattle Seahawks: C-
San Francisco 49ers: B
Arizona Cardinals: B
Chicago Bears: C+
Minnesota Vikings: B+
Green Bay Packers: C
Detroit Lions: C+
Buffalo Bills: A
Miami Dolphins: C+
New York Jets: B
New England Patriots: A-
Cincinnati Bengals: B+
Cleveland Browns: A-
Baltimore Ravens: B+
Pittsburgh Steelers: B+
Jacksonville Jaguars: B+
Indianapolis Colts:    B
Houston Texans: D
Tennessee Titans: A
Denver Broncos: B+
LA Chargers: A
Kansas City Chiefs: B-
Oakland Raiders: B-

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