2018 Top Ten NFL Power Rankings: Post-Free Agency Edition

The frenzy of the 2018 NFL free agency period is over, so it's time for some way too early NFL Power Rankings. Signings such as Kirk Cousins to the Vikings, Allen Robinson signing with the Bears, and Andrew Norwell heading to the Jaguars shook up the NFL landscape. Host Cam Rogers analyzes all of the NFL free agency moves and pumps out his first top 10 NFL Power Rankings for this year on The Cam Rogers Show.

Cam sees a lot of ability at the top of the NFC - with the Vikings, Eagles, Rams, and Saints all making critical moves in free agency. The Vikings adding Sheldon Richardson bolsters that defense even more, the Rams may have the best secondary in the NFC with Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters, and the Eagles may possess the best defensive front line in the league. Plus, the Saints adding Patrick Robinson at cornerback makes that secondary formidable.

The video above (and shown below) is from The Cam Rogers Show, a Facebook Live show. All of these videos can be found on The Cam Rogers Show on YouTube.

Here are Cam's top 10 NFL Power Rankings, post free agency:

#10 Los Angeles Chargers
#9 San Francisco 49ers
#8 Atlanta Falcons
#7 Pittsburgh Steelers
#6 Jacksonville Jaguars
#5 New England Patriots
#4 Minnesota Vikings
#3 Los Angeles Rams
#2 New Orleans Saints
#1 Philadelphia Eagles

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