2016 NFL Draft QB Rankings: The Top 6 Prospects

The 2016 NFL Draft is still months away, but that doesn't mean we can't take a look at the top QB prospects. Teams like the Houston Texans, New York Jets, Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, and Chicago Bears could all look to add a QB this offseason. If you're a fan of one of those teams, or just of the NFL Draft, this list is perfect for you. While there are many QB prospects that could be drafted, we've narrowed it down. It's not a great QB class, and it wouldn't be surprising to see only three QBs go in the first three rounds. With that in mind, here are our 2016 NFL Draft QB Rankings - The Top 6 Players

6. Cody Kessler, QB, USC

Kessler is a great college QB, but there are concerns about his size and arm strength. Kessler is very accurate, and could find success in a West Coast offense. However, his lack of arm strength will hurt him in the NFL Draft. Kessler won't be a first round pick, but he could be an early Day 3 pick. I like Kessler and he could be serviceable as a starter in a West Coast scheme. He reminds me of former Texas QB Colt McCoy. Like McCoy, Kessler will make a solid backup in the NFL. 

5. Carson Wentz, North Dakota State

If your first thought was "who is Carson Wentz?" I totally understand. Not many people know who he is right now, outside of the real NFL Draft buffs, but they will as the draft approaches. Wentz is the top FCS QB and has the raw ability to develop into a franchise QB. He's got the size and arm strength, but needs to be coached up. He could be a mid-rounder and is the type of prospect that will rise as the draft approaches. He only played in six games this year because of injury, but that shouldn't affect his draft stock. He could end going before a name or two above him. 

4. Connor Cook, Michigan State

Cook is playing in a pro-style system at Michigan State, which will help him. Cook is solid across the board, although I'm not sure he has any traits that are "elite." He strikes me as a solid game-manager at the next level, which means he can be a solid starter. He could sneak into the first round, but will more likely be a Day Two pick. He reminds me of Kirk Cousins, but with fewer turnovers. There are questions about his leadership ability. 

3. Christian Hackenberg, Penn State

There won't be a more polarizing QB in this year's draft. Hackenberg has every single tool teams look for in a franchise QB. However, he's struggled in his last two years at Penn State with accuracy and turnovers. His numbers are hurt by playing behind a terrible offensive line that can't give him time in the pocket. Hackenberg is the perfect example of beauty being in the eye of the beholder. Some teams will love him and some teams will hate him. It only takes one team to pull the trigger and Hackenberg should be off the board by the end of Day Two. 

2. Paxton Lynch, Memphis 

Lynch made his name known following an upset win over Ole Miss. That game forced everyone to take a closer look at Lynch, and he's a talented QB. He has incredible size and great arm strength. He can make every NFL throw and hasn't committed many turnovers. He's an underrated runner, too. He'll likely continue to rise as the Draft approaches and there is a real chance he could be the first QB off the board. At the very least, Lynch should be a first round pick if he continues to play well. There will be a bit of a learning curve for Lynch, but he could turn into a franchise QB. He needs some grooming, but could be the first QB off the board. 

1. Jared Goff, Cal

The No. 1 QB is still Goff. He struggled at times this season, but Goff has carried the Cal offense all year long. He's a bit of a gunslinger, which gets him into trouble with turnovers. However, he makes plays and has the size, arm strength and accuracy NFL teams want. He needs to add a bit more weight, although he's not as thin as Teddy Bridgewater. Goff doesn't run much, but can move in the pocket. He reminds me of Matt Ryan, and I'm far from the only one. I'm a big fan of Goff and I'd be shocked if he wasn't a first round pick. 

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