10 NFL Players Who Should Come Out Of Retirement Feat. Tony Romo, Calvin Johnson & Rob Gronkowski

NFL rumors went buzzing when Brett Favre’s Instagram account was hacked and stated that he was returning to the NFL. Out of all the retired NFL players, Brett Favre is one of the least likely to make a comeback, but NFL Daily host Mitchell Renz has 10 retired NFL players who should come out of retirement! Tony Romo was basically forced into retirement due to injuries & having his starting job taken by Cowboys QB Dak Prescott. Could Tony Romo leave the booth & make a comeback like Jason Witten did? 

Calvin Johnson put up ridiculous numbers in his final season in Detroit. He hinted at the possibility of making a return to the NFL if the Lions returned his $1MM bonus. Is he willing to strap the shoulder pads back on and dominate for a few more seasons? Rob Gronkowski retired after winning Super Bowl 53 with the New England Patriots, but many believe that Gronk could return to the Patriots in 2019. Is Gronk not ready to hang up the helmet? Also, DeMarcus Ware teased NFL fans this offseason by saying he could return to the NFL & be a productive starting DE. Is he bluffing or not? 

In the video above, Chat Sports host Mitchell Renz breaks down 10 retired NFL players who could make a NFL comeback. Which of these NFL players should come out of retirement? Find out what Mitchell thinks on the latest edition of NFL Daily!

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10 NFL Players That Should Come Out Of Retirement:

10. Demarcus Ware, DE - 36 years old
9. Tony Gonzalez, TE - 43 years old
8. Jerry Rice, WR - 56 years old
7. Patrick Willis, LB - 34 years old
6. Kurt Warner, QB - 47 years old
5. Terrell Owens, WR - 45 years old
4. Randy Moss, WR - 42 years old
3. Rob Gronkowski, TE - 30 years old
2. Tony Romo, QB - 39 years old
1. Calvin Johnson, WR - 33 years old

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