10 Hilarious Photos Of NFL Coaches When They Were Younger

Want to know what happens when we're bored and left with too much time on our hands in the days between NFL games? Here's our list of 10 Hilarious Photos Of NFL Coaches When They Were Younger.

Jay Gruden -- Washington Redskins

Voted most likely to put a firecracker up a frog's butt in biology lab.

Jack Del Rio -- Oakland Raiders

This is what happens when you hang out in your friend's basement too long. Someone get Jack a gallon jug of water and a box of Twinkies.

Pete Carroll -- Seattle Seahawks

We didn't know Ross from Friends was such a great basketball player. He would have landed Rachel a lot quicker if he'd fessed up.

Rex Ryan -- Buffalo Bills

If you make fun of these photos, you're a bad person.

Chuck Pagano -- Indianapolis Colts

Chuck was a hit at the local disco, especially when he left the cup on.

Bill Belichick -- New England Patriots

If this guy's spying on you, it's time to consider a restraining order.

Chip Kelly -- Philadelphia Eagles

Chip always brought his dates home by curfew in his dad's Buick. 

Ron Rivera -- Carolina Panthers

Rivera played for the Chicago Bears. The picture says Chicago BARES! hahahahahahahahaahhahaha...

You'll get it when you're older.

Sean Payton -- New Orleans Saints

There's either a fart coming or a sneeze. Perhaps both.

Jim Tomsula -- San Francisco 49ers

Jim Tomsula = Clark Kent

Ron Jeremy = Superman

You don't want to go in that phone booth, but ever wonder why they're never in the same place at the same time?

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