The 10 Greatest Last-Minute Game-Winning Touchdowns In NFL Playoff History

In honor of Stefon Diggs’ catch on Sunday that lifted the Minnesota Vikings past the New Orleans Saints, NFL Daily decided to break down the Top 10 Game-Winning Touchdowns in NFL Playoff History!

Where does the Pittsburgh Steelers ‘Immaculate reception’ come in? The San Francisco 49ers are famous for ’The Catch I and II’, but do they make an appearance on the top 10? Do the New England Patriots make a list with their many great finishes? Do the Dallas Cowboys make an appearance, especially with the first ever hail Mary? Will Tim Tebow and his crazy playoff finish make our top 10?

Our hosts Cam Rogers and Tom Downey on this segment as they break it all down! The plays are listed below and explained in the video. 

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10) Terrell Owens - The Catch II (1998)
9) Dallas Cowboys - Original Hail Mary (1975)
8) James White's Super Bowl LI walk-off touchdown (2017)
7) Santonio Holmes' TD catch in Super Bowl XLIII (2009)
6) Plaxico Burress' TD catch in Super Bowl XLII (2008)
5) Tim Tebow to Demaryius Thomas (2011)
4) Stefon Diggs' TD catch vs. Saints (2018)
3) Joe Montana to Dwight Clark - The Catch (1981)
2) Pittsburgh Steelers - Immaculate Reception (1972)
1) Tennessee Titans - Music City Miracle (1999)

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