The 10 Best WRs Under 27

Having a really good wide receiver makes it easier for NFL quarterbacks to put up big seasons. The NFL is loaded with talented wide outs, including many under the age of 27. While several just missed the cut, here are the Top 10 NFL wide outs under the age of 27. 

10. Keenan Allen, Chargers

Allen had a down season last year, but had a great rookie campaign. He'll bounce back this season as Philip Rivers' top target. 

9. DeAndre Hopkins, Houston

Hopkins put together a great season last year, especially considering he didn't have much help at QB. At just 23, he's got a bright future. 

8. Sammy Watkins, Bills 

Just like Hopkins, Watkins is held back by a poor situation at QB. Still, he's just 22 years old and incredibly talented. 

7. Mike Evans, Buccaneers 

Evans should help Jameis Winston adjust to the NFL. Evans is one of the best red zone targets in the NFL and is just 22. 

6. Alshon Jeffery, Bears

Jeffery is 25, so he's got another year on this list. He'll be the unquestioned top target for the Bears with Brandon Marshall in New York. 

5. Randall Cobb, Packers

Cobb and Jordy Nelson form an incredible duo at WR. He's still young too, at just 24 years old. He'll be in the Top 5 for a few more seasons. 

4. T.Y. Hilton, Colts

Hilton is one of the best young WRs in the NFL and now he's paid like it. He's Andrew Luck's top target and will be for a long time as both are still 25 years old. 

3. Odell Beckam, Giants

At just 22, Beckham will be No. 1 on this list shortly. He'll likely keep that spot for several seasons. 

2. Julio Jones, Falcons

Jones is 26, so this is his last season making the list. He's one of the most talented WRs in the league and is due for a big year. 

1. Dez Bryant, Cowboys

Arguably the best WR in the NFL, Bryant is definitely the best under the age of 27. He'll hand over the No. 1 ranking next year since he's 26, but Bryant will have an incredible season. 

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