10 NFL Players You Never Thought About Following On Twitter...Until Now

You've probably seen lists like these before, but we're about to show you why you shouldn't live another day of your life without following these 10 guys on Twitter.


Chris Kluwe, Retired

Now that @ChrisWarcraft has retired as a Vikings kicker, he's able to focus even more efforts on his hilarious, thought-provoking Tweet-game. Huge win for followers. He tweets about the stuff he believes in. And his location via his bio? "With Carmen Sandiego"


Darnell Dockett, Cardinals

Per his Twitter bio, he is an "Ex criminal who turned nothing to something." The bio then goes on to link a defunct website "ilovemidgetstilldeath.com," as his own. Yikes.


JJ Watt, Texans

It didn't take long for J.J. Watt to adjust to life in Houston.


T.J. Lang, Packers

Remember this one? After an officiating controversy that cost the Packers this 2012 game against the Seahawks during the era of the 'replacement refs,' T.J. Lang had no issue telling his followers how he felt about this situation. But in general, Lang is a fun-loving American often supporting his hometown Detroit teams. Gotta love that.


Rob Gronkowski, Patriots

Gronk gon' Gronk.


Aaron Rodgers, Packers

If you've ever wanted somebody with 1.2 million followers to engage with you on Twitter, RODGERS! may just give you that opportunity.


Jim Irsay, Colts (Owner)

Alright, he's not an athlete, but he's hands down the most entertaining NFL owner you'll on Twitter.


Robert Griffin III, Redskins

He's just a good guy who will send you a pick-me-up when it's needed most. From one thing to the next, his timeline is filled with feel-good stories that will restore your faith in NFL athletes everywhere   

Chad Johnson, Montreal Alouettes

When's the last time you heard something about Ochocinco? He's still playing (Canadian) football. Catch up with Chad and find out why he's got 3.6 MILLION followers...


Drew Brees, Saints

Brees portrays an intriguing balance of "Star NFL Quarterback" and "Dad" Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.51.39 AM




Best in the GAME.

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