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MARTIN KEOWN: Newcastle fans buying all the ale from my parents' supermarket ahead of the 1974 FA Cup final and marvelling at Kevin Keegan as a kid... How I fell in love with football

In a 1987 Q&A for a magazine, I was asked who my childhood hero was, and I said Kevin Keegan. That was because he played a part in me getting into football in May 1974.

I was seven at the time, and my mum and dad ran a mini-supermarket that also sold alcohol in Oxford.

One day, two Geordie chaps came in, and bought all the Newcastle Brown Ale we had on the shelves. They cleared us out of the stuff!

Kevin Keegan's performance in the 1974 FA Cup final was part of the reason I got into football
He scored twice in a 3-0 win and I remember fans buying alcohol from our shop pre-match

It was to drink while they supported their team in the FA Cup final that afternoon.