MLB Mid-Season Power Rankings: 8/7 Edition

Every Tuesday for the remainder of the regular season we will do an MLB Power Ranking. This takes into account each team’s performance in the past week and overall season. It will reflect who the best and worst teams in the majors are at that time. This is the third (8/7/2012) edition. Link to last week's rankings.

The trade deadline is now a long way in our rear view mirror. The glitter of big name acquisitions is starting to wear off. Some of the teams that spent big to bring in new faces haven't yet reaped the benefits of their new additions. Other teams the sat pat with what they had are seeing their squads make big runs without any help from trades. And yes, I admit it, I have been slow to get on the Reds bandwagon. But better late than never, right?

Dropped Out: Oakland A's (10), Detroit Tigers (8)

10. St. Louis Cardinals

Last Week Power Ranking: Not Ranked

Last 10: 7-3

Overall: 60-49

The Cards make their first appearance in the power rankings after sweeping the Brewers. Even though they are playing great baseball, it will be an uphill battle for the Cards to make a postseason run. They are 2.5 back of the wildcard and 6 games back in the all the sudden very good NL Central.


9. Los Angeles Dodgers

Last Week Power Ranking: 4 (Down 5)

Last 10: 6-4

Overall: 59-51

Like the Giants and Cardinals, the Dodgers are coming off a sweep. After struggling in a series at St. Louis, a trip to the dessert was exactly what the Dodgers needed. They haven't quite put it all together yet, but are on their way. And as if they hadn't already made enough deadline deals, the Dodgers continued to add by signing former Phillies pitcher Joe Blanton off waivers.


8. San Francisco Giants

Last Week Power Ranking: 7 (Down 1)

Last 10: 4-6

Overall: 59-50

The Giants finally found a cure for what ailed them: A trip to Denver. After the Dodgers and Mets knocked around the Giants at home, Bruce Boche's squad rebounded by taking out their anger on the Rockies. The revitalized Giants lineup, thanks in part to Hunter Pence, put up 35 runs in three games in Colorado. It sometimes takes the Giants three weeks to score 35 runs.


7. Los Angeles Angels

Last Week Power Ranking: 3 (Down 4)

Last 10: 4-6

Overall: 59-51

Mike Trout and Jered Weaver have been absolutely incredible. Trout's batting average is reaching Allen Iverson's field goal percentage and Jered Weaver was a perfect 6-0 in July. Despite having maybe the best position player and pitcher in baseball, the Angels still haven't put it all together. But with so much talent in both the lineup and staff, they have to make a run sooner or later.


6. Pittsburgh Pirates

Last Week Power Ranking: Not Ranked

Last 10: 6-4

Overall: 62-46

I'm finally coming around to the Pirates bandwagon. They have been too consistently good to ignore. Everyone knows how ridiculously good Andrew McCutchen is, but take a look at the Bucs staff. AJ Burnett and co. have been absolutely filthy of late. The addition of Wandy Rodriquez should only make the Pirates hurlers even better.


5. Atlanta Braves

Last Week Power Ranking: 9 (Up 4)

Last 10: 8-2

Overall: 63-46

The Braves are one of the biggest risers in the rankings this week, thanks to a 8-2 streak. These arn't your dads Braves. The pitching staff is good but not great, especially now that Tommy Hanson is on the DL and Jair Jurrjens has absolutely blown up. The lineup however is better than ever in hotlanta. 1-7, the Braves have an all-star caliber player in each spot.


4. Texas Rangers

Last Week Power Ranking: 2 (Down 2)

Last 10: 5-5

Overall: 63-45

For the first time in the power rankings, the Texas Rangers are lower than #2. The lineup has been less than stellar recently and the pitching staff has started to fade. Josh Hamilton, possibly the MVP through the first half, has hit at a miserable .202 mark since the beginning of June, and only notched eight homers. Even new Ranger Ryan Dempster struggled in his first outing, giving up eight runs. It's not time to panic, but all is not well in Arlington.


3. Washington Nationals

Last Week Power Ranking: 6 (Up 3)

Last 10: 7-3

Overall: 66-43

The Nationals are slowly creeping up the power rankings, and made a serious case to be above the Yankees this week. With the second best record in baseball and no real weakness, the Nats are showing that they are in it to win it. Their lineup has been solid and their staff has been stellar. But like I said last week, WHAT HAPPENS WHEN STRASBURG IS SHUT DOWN????


2. New York Yankees

Last Week Power Ranking: 1 (Down 1)

Last 10: 4-6

Overall: 63-45

For the first time this year the Yanks are NOT number one in the power rankings. The Bronx Bombers have looked so-so and sluggish recently, and it's shown in the record books. New York is no longer home to the best record in baseball. The woes have transcended both the lineup and the staff, leading to well, bad baseball. Year after year, it amazes me that the Yankees have so much money, spend so much money, and still can't find a consistent pitching staff.


1. Cincinnati Reds

Last Week Power Ranking: 5 (Up 4)

Last 10: 7-3

Overall: 66-43

Your new number one team is The Big Red Machine. I admit, I was sleeping on the Reds last week. But like I said, better late than never. Pick any number of games: 7, 10, 20, 25. The Reds record over that stretch of games is incredible. They had won 10 in a row at one point and 22 of 25. On Fire doesn't even describe the Reds recent stretch. Know whats even more impressive? They did most of it without their best player, Joey Votto. Now they could be even better.

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