MLB Mid-Season Power Rankings: 7/31 Edition

Every Tuesday for the remainder of the regular season we will do an MLB Power Ranking. This takes into account each team’s performance in the past week and overall season. It will reflect who the best and worst teams in the majors are at that time. This is the second edition.

When I wrote the first power ranking article this time last Tuesday, I started off explaining how much had changed in the short time since the all star break. Well here we are again a week later and once again the landscape of baseball has shifted once again. The trade deadline revealed which teams are going for broke and which teams are hoping they already have enough. A few teams (see: any team in LA) made huge moves that paid off in this weeks power rankings. See where the LA teams and others fell in this weeks power rankings:

Dropped Out: Baltimore Orioles

10. Oakland A's

Last Week Power Ranking: 6 (Down 4)

Last 10: 8-2

Overall: 56-46

The A's are still hot (4-2 in the last week) but have come down from the crazy high they were on when I wrote last week. The A's made no big moves at the deadline and are sticking pat with what they have. Currently it's good enough for a wildcard spot.



9. Atlanta Braves

Last Week PR: Unranked

Last 10: 7-3

Overall: 58-44

It looks like the Braves will easily lockup a spot in the NL Wildcard, and could possibly catch the Nats. Even though they didn't land Ryan Dempster, they still picked up a couple valuable pieces at the trade deadline. The Braves are looking good.



8. Detroit Tigers

Last Week PR: 3 (Down 5)

Last 10: 5-5

Overall: 54-49

I could have sworn that the Tigers were ready to explode. They were ready to run away with the AL Central. Fielder and Verlander were on their way to monster 2nd halfs. However that optimism has slipped some in the last week. The Tigers are back in 2nd place in the Central and the lit fuse hasn't quite reached the bomb. Still, I think the Tigers will take off at any time.


7. San Francisco Giants

Last Week PR: 5 (Down 2)

Last 10: 55-47

Overall: 4-6

After a hot start to the 2nd half the Dodgers rained on the Giants parade big time. LA came to San Francisco and swept the Giants in 3 games over the weekend, making absolute mincemeat of the Giants lineup. Even though the Giants lineup looked inept over the weekend, the return of Pablo Sandoval and the addition of Hunter Pence should jump start the offense.


6. Washington Nationals

Last Week PR: 4 (Down 2)

Last 10: 8-2

Overall: 61-40

Most Nationals fans will probably feel cheated at the 6 spot, and maybe rightfully so. The Nats have the best record in baseball and are 8-2 over their last 10. I have two big problems with the Nats: They made no moves over the deadline and still plan on shutting Strasburg down. What team  in baseball could survive without their ace? Yankees without Sabathia? Giants without Cain? These teams are done. It's hard not to feel the same way about the Nats.


5. Cincinnati Reds

Last Week PR: 8 (Up 3)

Last 10: 9-1

Overall: 61-41

If the Nats feel cheated at 6, the Reds will feel like they got absolutely ripped off at 5. The Reds are the new A's, but even more talented and well rounded. They have the 2nd best record in baseball and won 10 straight at one point. My only problem with them is that they virtually added nothing over the trade deadline.


4. Los Angeles Dodgers

Last Week PR: 9 (Up 5)

Last 10: 6-4

Overall: 56-48

The Dodgers are up this high because they pulled off several huge trades before the deadline. The biggest of those additions was Hanley Ramirez, the ultra talented SS/3rd Baseman from the Marlins. With Ramirez, Kemp and Either in the middle of the lineup, the Dodgers could make a big time run. The team also added former all stars Shane Victorino and Brandon League.


3. Los Angeles Angels

Last Week PR: 7 (Up 4)

Last 10: 6-4

Overall: 56-47

Like the Dodgers, the Angeles are up this high mainly because of their activity at the deadline. The Angeles went for the quality over quantity approach at the trade deadline, only adding one player: Zack Greinke. The former Cy Young winner has been up and down this season, but could easily turn it on. With Greinke, the Angels might have the best staff in the bigs (Weaver, Wilson, Greinke, Haren, Santana).


2. Texas Rangers

Last Week PR: 2

Last 10: 4-6

Overall: 59-42

Josh Hamilton and the Rangers bats have struggled big time over the last week, but their pitching has kept them afloat atop the AL West. Don't expect the bats to be quiet for long, and only expect the pitching to get better. The Rangers pulled off the biggest deadline day deal of the year, landing stud pitcher Ryan Dempster right at the 4pm EST deadline. Dempster and his 2.25 ERA make Texas even more of a contender to win it all.


1. New York Yankees

Last Week PR: 1

Last 10: 3-7

Overall: 60-42

The Yankees haven't quite rebounded from being swept in Oakland. After dropping 1 of 3 games in Seattle, the Bronx Bombers dropped 2 of 3 to the Bo Sox. The Yankees still lead the AL East and have the best lineup top to bottom, but their biggest trade deadline acquisition was a guy hitting .240. His name just happened to be Ichiro. Bottom Line: The sky is not falling in New York, but there are a few things to be worried about.

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