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Rangers Roundup: Additional cuts expected; KeepMSG effort for cable subscribers; and more

The Blueshirts invited 60 players at the start of Training Camp but in a week’s time have reduced the roster size to 41. Yesterday, it was Justin Richards who was sent down, but more are expected to follow before the Rangers take on the Devils tomorrow in NJ.

List of cuts to date:

  • Justin Richards
  • Tanner Fritz
  • Austin Rueschhoff
  • Tarmo Reunanen
  • Matt Rempe
  • Karl Henriksson
  • Jayden Grubbe
  • Ryder Korczak
  • Evan Vierling
  • Dylan Garand
  • Talyn Boyko
  • Alex Whelan
  • Michael O’Leary
  • Jake Elmer
  • Patrick Khodorenko
  • James Sanchez
  • Zach Berzolla
  • Hunter Skinner
  • Zach Giuttari
New York Rangers that need to find another level

More Rangers Training Camp cuts coming

As the Rangers work to get down to a 22 or 23 man roster before the puck drops on the regular season, here are the players that are likely to be cut soon.