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J.D. Martinez plays hero with his first career walk-off

On a night where the Mets looked lifeless and hapless for nearly all 27 outs, J.D. Martinez ensured that the Marlins would never actually record that 27th out. He came to the rescue in the ninth inning, blasting a one-out, two-run walk-off homer to put the Mets over the Marlins by a score of 3-2.

For the eight innings prior to that, this was shaping up as yet another extremely frustrating Mets-Marlins game. And when you think of frustrating Mets-Marlins games, what do you think of? Certainly some awful walk-offs or bullpen meltdowns in Miami may spring to mind, but one of the defining traits of Mets-Marlins games is, shall we say, less-than-well-known Marlins starters inexplicably shutting the Mets offense down.