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How Mets can salvage this Edwin Diaz mess

Who’s up for a half-off sale of Edwin Diaz?

The Mets should be.

Now, to be clear: The Mets paid $2 on the dollar for the young, impressive closer last offseason, only to see that trade quickly challenge the 1971 swap of Nolan Ryan (and others) to the Angels for Jim Fregosi as an all-time franchise bomb. So if someone is willing to pay one dollar on the dollar— half of what the Mets gave up — for the diminished asset that is Diaz, they should go for it.

An industry source confirmed an ESPN report that the Mets are open to trading Diaz, but the Mets will exercise this drastic measure only if an offer blows them away — just like with Wednesday night’s starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard.