Knicks Trade Rumors: Chris Paul & DeMar Derozan Trades + Trading Away Julius Randle & Marcus Morris?

New York Knicks Trade Rumors are hot again after another disastrous start to an NBA season. David Fizdale has been fired and several veterans are being linked to trade rumors. Julius Randle signed a huge contract this summer, but should the Knicks move him and his contract if there’s any takers? NBA Now host Nick Dais goes through the latest Knicks Rumors on today’s show.

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The Knicks have several veterans who could serve as role players on contending teams such as Marcus Morris and Wayne Ellington. Should the Knicks trade away pieces to get assets such as future draft picks? The Knicks could also trade Frank Ntilikina who hasn’t developed the way they were hoping he would.

Chris Paul and DeMar DeRozan have been linked to several trade rumors as both the Thunder and Spurs appear to be sellers this season. Would the Knicks have interest in either high-paid veterans? Paul is owed over $120 million over the next three seasons and DeRozan is making over $27 million this year with a player option for next season. The Knicks do have young assets and draft picks from the Kristaps Porzingis trade if they choose to use them to bring in talent.

Here’s the list of topics discussed on today’s show:
- Four players the Knicks could trade (Ntilikina, Morris, Randle, Ellington)
- Trade for Chris Paul?
- Trade for DeMar DeRozan?

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