Knicks Rumors: Drafting Ja Morant Or Darius Garland Over RJ Barrett, Signing Kevin Durant And Trades?

The New York Knicks draft plans have long focused on RJ Barrett, but could the Knicks take someone else? There are Knicks draft rumors on Ja Morant and Darius Garland, as the NBA Draft closes in. Plus, there are Knicks free agency rumors on Kevin Durant, Julius Randle and more.

NBA Trade Rumors indicate the New Orleans Pelicans could trade up to #2 overall to secure R.J. Barrett, which means Ja Morant could be on the board for the Knicks at #3 overall. However, the latest Knicks Rumors are that the team likes Darius Garland and he could be the pick at #3. Or is that just a trade smokescreen for the Knicks? And did the Knicks reject a trade offer for the #3 pick from the Atlanta Hawks? Host Tom Downey breaks down what you need to know about the Knicks Draft! 

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In Knicks Free Agency rumors, Kevin Durant remains a top target, despite his injury. Can the Knicks land the superstar? And if they miss out, could New York target Julius Randle instead? The Knicks didn’t make much of an effort to trade for Anthony Davis, but that actually makes some sense. Finally, Lance Thomas’ contract won’t be picked up, but he could still be back in New York next year. 

In the video above and below, Tom Downey breaks down all the latest Knicks draft and free agency news and rumors: 

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