How Much Money Can Carmelo Anthony Make In Free Agency?

New York Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony has until Monday to decide if he wants to opt out of his current contract and test the free agent market - a decision which he has been leaning towards making for months now.

If Melo does become a free agent, he is pretty much guaranteed to make a killing no matter where he goes...but how much exactly does that translate to in cold hard cash? and tax expert Robert Riaola decided to break down all of the numbers for Anthony's four most likely destinations: New York, Chicago, Miami, and Houston.

Using a normal 4% agent commission, the crew calculated just how much he would make with a max contract at each destination:

Carmelo Anthony

Keep in mind that the Rockets, Heat, and Bulls would have to do a ton of maneuvering to even approach a max contract for Anthony. It is extremely likely that Anthony would have to accept significantly less than the numbers quoted for those three potential suitors.

Either way, Anthony would be walking away from at least $11.3 million dollars after taxes if he decides to leave the Big Apple.

That's a lot of money to pass up, no matter what your station in life.

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