3 Potential Trades The New York Knicks Could Make This Season

There have been plenty of rumors swirling around the New York Knicks and potential trades this offseason, and while they haven't pulled the trigger on a deal yet, there is momentum surrounding a couple of moves heading into training camp and the start of the regular season. Here are three trades the Knicks could make this year:

3) Trade Jose Calderon, second-round pick to Pistons for Brandon Jennings

Detroit seems determined that they'll find enough playing time for both Reggie Jackson and Brandon Jennings - but they also thought the trio of Josh Smith, Greg Monroe, and Andre Drummond was a good idea. Since Jackson just signed a five-year deal to stay with the Pistons, Jennings will be the odd-man out. The Knicks are already trying to use Calderon's expiring contract to bring in more talent, and Jennings certainly fits the bill.

2) Trade Jose Calderon, future first-round pick to Rockets for Ricky Rubio

Minnesota is trying to unload Rubio to make room for second-year slam dunk champ Zach LaVine and rookie first-round pick Tyus Jones in the backcourt, and New York has a need to a long-term point guard of the future. Rubio's a pass-first point guard that would fit well in the traditional triangle offense, and he wouldn't take shots away from Carmelo Anthony. Plus, his ability on the defensive end would be a needed upgrade on that side of the ball.

1) Trade Carmelo Anthony to Suns for two first-round picks, Devin Booker, T.J. Warren

Wanna hit the reset button?

New York has waivered on their desire to trade Anthony, and the right offer could persuade them to move on. The Suns seem to be the only trade partner that have the pieces to appeal to the Knicks while also desperately wanting a superstar. Phoenix (for some reason) is in win-now mode with Brandon Knight, Eric Bledsoe, and Tyson Chandler, and they think they're one big piece away. Melo is the best player that may be available, and the Suns would have him under contract for a few more years. 

Booker and Warren are two young, blossoming offensive weapons that can space the floor, and getting two first-round picks would be a great return for the future.

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