Jets Rumors: Morris Claiborne Hurt, Terrelle Pryor’s Injury And Teddy Bridgewater’s Future

Check out the latest New York Jets Rumors, including if Morris Claiborne will be back for training camp, an update on Terrelle Pryor's injury and if Teddy Bridgewater will start or be traded.

Plus, host Tom Downey discusses details on Chris Herndon's arrest, if the Jets will add a veteran tight end, if the Jets will cut Jermaine Kearse, if the Jets' National Anthem stance will help them in free agency and if the Jets will sign Johnny Manziel.

Check out the complete list of Jets rumors below and in the video. 

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- Chris Herndon Arrest
- Jets to add a veteran TE?
- Jermaine Kearse getting cut?
- Jets’ National Anthem stance helping in free agency?
- Morris Claiborne back for training camp?
- Terrelle Pryor out until training camp?
- Johnny Manziel to the Jets?
- Teddy Bridgewater as a starter?
- Teddy Bridgewater trade?

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