New York Jets Updates: Coach Rex Ryan Demands More From QBs

It may still be too early for the OTA workouts but it is never that early for the quarterback competition to set in. Even if we know who the players will be, there is still the decision of whether Coach Ryan will be back for yet another year or if he is done with the New York Jets right after season 2013.

Right after the open practice during the previous week, coach Ryan discussed how the quarterbacks should have a high sense of urgency for the off season. Here are some of his exact words that are worth quoting:

“Absolutely, I want there to be a sense of urgency with this football team to protect the football, above anything else protect the football, and along those lines, protect the quarterback. I think that’s critical. That’s critical of the punt returners where we have to do a better job. That’s critical of our kick returners as well and anybody who is handling the football.”

The decision on all these would be crucial for the determining of Coach Rex’s future after 2013. Will he be handing the keys to Geno? What’s good for now is how he puts emphasis on the situation for turnover.

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