New York Jets Rumors: Will Mark Sanchez Be Traded?

Updated 12/20/12 6:05pm ET

After four of the most aggravating years in New York Jets history, the Jets have finally decided to turn the page on Mark Sanchez.

Just this week, the Jets have benched Sanchez after 50 interceptions in two years and will give second year player Greg McElroy a shot at the helm.

With the benching of Sanchez, one has to wonder where his possible landing spot will be this offseason. There are plenty of teams out there that desperately need a QB that it is likely he will be a hot trade target.

Amongst the most likely trading locations, one would have to think that the Kansas City Chiefs will be a likely destination for Sanchez given that there is no elite QB in this years draft class.  Assuming that the Chiefs do not trade away their number one pick, look for them to make a play for Sanchez.

Other possible destinations for Sanchez could be Oakland, Jacksonville, Buffalo or Minnesota.

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