New York Jets Player Rumors: QB Geno Says He’s No Diva

New York Jets rookie Quarterback took the time to comment on several criticisms he has been getting since the time he was drafted about a couple of weeks ago. Smith mentioned in his interview with USA Today that he is not affected at all by the reports of him being “immature’ and acting like a “diva.”

According to Smith, his skin is “pretty thick” to not worry about what other people would say. He denied that he was caught texting and tweeting during a pre-draft meeting along with other coaches and officials of the entire team.

He is set to practice for the first time with the New York Jets on Friday for the rook-ie minicamp. Speaking of quarterbacks, there were fans who created a petition right on the official website of the White House as they asked the President to let the Jaguars sign Tim Tebow to become their quarterback. However, it was taken down obviously for violation the website’s rules.

The New York Jets released the popular Tebow just last week and now is still a free agent. He was considered the most influential athlete in the USA by the Forbes Magazine. The magazine also believes that Tebow’s inactivity with the Jets did not give any effect at all with his level of fame.

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