New York Jets Player Newsbreak: David Garrard Retires!

Last Thursday, David Garrard retired from the New York Jets due to his troublesome knee.

He has spent two years playing in the football field and his knee troubles were not something new for everyone who knows him. According to an AFC executive during the time of his signing that Garrard’s knee was a major concern. He may look alright during drills but the question is whether he can still take a hit. The 35 year old player turns out to be unable of cutting in drills which already made him decided on his sudden retirement.

Another source said that the New York Jets player missed out some workouts too especially during the off season program. It fueled the rumors within the locker room that something was not right with his physical stability.

In the more recent practice sessions, he was still sharp with his short throws but he had to work harder on the longer routes since he is not able to drive the ball anymore. All these and more due to his balky knee.

Will the New York Jets fans miss Garrard?

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