Jets at Ravens: Best Tweets

At least the internet made this abysmally bad and endlessly boring game entertaining for Jets fans.

Here are some of the funniest tweets from towards the end of the Jets/Ravens game:

@themightymjd It's really nice of Mark Sanchez and Joe Flacco to be lowering the bar for Curtis Painter tomorrow night.

@JoeandEvan Sure, I'd like to win this game but I'd also like to not see Mark Sanchez leave Baltimore in an ambulance.

@MsMicaLuv Ummm...does Calvin Pace have a neck?#seriously

@NYPost_Hubbuch Joe Flacco is the Jets' best offensive player.

@bruce_arthur OK, either the Jets offensive line stinks, or Mark Sanchez slept with every one of their wives.

@realfreemancbs "Even I think this Jets-Ravens game is too long." --Signed, a baseball game

@MissMelyssaFord Jets/Ravens game: it's like death by a million paper cuts.

@Grantsmarching You know it's an awful night when al michaels is making #warrenbuffet references in a football game. #jets

@hiroprotagnst72 Call Kevin Mawae, Damien Woody, Jumbo Elliot, the twins from The Replacements, or anyone to fill these O-Line holes. #jets

@TheSportsHernia Mark Sanchez is being protected about as well as Antonio Cromartie's wang.

@thekidcanada Why are the Jets going for it on 4th now when they punted the last 2 or 3 times? They're down 17 with under 2 to go.

@FauxJohnMadden Right now the only thing lower than Mark Sanchez's QB rating tonight is the age of women he dates.

@Bobby_BigWheel Whether it's women or quarterback rating, Mark Sanchez prefers to stay in the teens.

@samuelrogers Mark Sanchez will sleep with his Winnie the Pooh Bear tonight and have nightmares about big black men in tights.

@fcbjorge Mark Sanchez may be the only guy on the Jet roster less accurate than Plaxico Burress.

@rolandsmartin That was funny! Ed Reed doing an @nbc interview and Jets player grabs him and says, "Let's go to Ruth Chris (Steakhouse)!" Hilarious!

@billbarnwell First person to say "The Jets have lost their swagger!" gets punched in the face.

@BieberGasmLvr Scooter : HOW ABOUT THE JETS. omfg. SCOOT. Not the time bro.

@RogerGoodell The Jets O-Line is more jumpy than a skinny white guy in a prison shower.

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