Grades And Analysis Of The Entire New York Jets 2015 NFL Draft

The 2015 NFL Draft has reached its conclusion, and it's time to look back on just what the New York Jets did in Chicago and how it sets them up for the future. Here's our Grades And Analysis Of The Entire New York Jets 2015 NFL Draft.


(All player grades based on spot selected, need, etc.)

1st Round: USC DL Leonard Williams [Grade: A]

2nd Round: Ohio State WR Devin Smith [Grade: A-]

3rd Round: Louisville OLB Lorenzo Mauldin [Grade: B]

4th Round: Baylor QB Bryce Petty [Grade: B+]

5th Round: Texas A&M OG Jarvis Harrison [Grade: B]

7th Round: Northwestern State DT Deon Simon [Grade: B-]

Overall Grade: B+

There's a nice mix of 'best player available' talent (Williams) and solid need picks (Smith, Mauldin) to call this a successful first draft for the Todd Bowles/Mike Maccagnan regime. The hinge player here is Bryce Petty. If he emerges as a consistent pocket threat and a true contender for a starting job, this will easily be an A-level draft in retrospect.

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