Comic Relief: Jets Videos

With the "Octsnowber" blackout preventing me from turning on my plug-in stereo, I finally downloaded the ESPN radio app for my smartphone for $3 this week. Almost all anyone's been talking about on 1050 ESPN New York is how huge this game against the Bills is. Who would have thought it, right? A big game against BUFFALO.

With another "biggest game of the season" looming against the once bottom-feeding Bills on Sunday, where the Jets are 1 to 2.5 point underdogs in the spread according to, I'm beginning to get a bit nervous. It seems like a lot of Jets fans are. Personally, I refer to this as "the Jets stress" that comes before every game and then leaves me feeling exhausted when the game is finally over. Everyone handles it differently.

Anyway, between the endless articles about "doing or dying" and "showing and telling" and whatever other things the media world is coming up with to hype the game, two pretty funny videos came out in the last week or two featuring the Jets. It's a nice break from the "AH! THE JETS' ENTIRE SEASON IS RIDING ON THIS GAME IN BUFFALO!" hysteria. It is a huge game, but some of us could use some comic relief.

Ask the internet for comic relief, and ye shall receive.

The first video a movie promo for 'Tower Heist,' a new movie starring Ben Stiller and Alan Alda. This promo features Stiller, quarterback Mark Sanchez, and running back LaDainian Tomlinson.

LT is already closer to retirement than not and has had a great career, but this is good news for Mark Sanchez. If he turns out to be the huge bust that Jets haters say he is, then he can turn to comedy.

Another video came out recently by an aspiring rapper named Adamaz, also about, you got it, Mark Sanchez. In fact, it's called "Do The Mark Sanchez," and,'s funny in a different way.

Fair warning, you might want your 3 minutes and 45 seconds back.

Erm, yes, funny in a different way. Anyone know the odds on Sanchez ever living this one down?

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