5 Toughest Games On The New York Jets' 2015 Schedule

The New York Jets are primed for a major turnaround in 2015, but these next five teams present a major challenge to the team's playoff hopes. Here's our list of the 5 Toughest Games On The New York Jets' 2015 Schedule.

5. @ Houston Texans (November 22nd)

If Houston can salt away their quarterback controversy sometime in training camp and the offense is in somewhat passable shape, the Texans' defense will make this one of the toughest road games the Jets will encounter all season.

4. Philadelphia Eagles (September 27th)

We have no clue what to expect of the new-look Eagles, especially this early in the season. However, we do know they have an absolute infantry of offensive weapons at their disposal and that Chip Kelly's gonna have his magic bag of tricks at the ready.

3. @ Dallas Cowboys (December 19th)

The Cowboys may have lost 2014 NFL rushing champion DeMarco Murray to free agency, but this is still an extremely deep team coming off a confidence-inspiring rise to the top of the NFC East last season. Taking on Tony Romo in the Big D is never easy, so you're looking at a true late-season litmus test for the Jets.

2. @ New England Patriots (October 25th)

Tom Brady will be back with an offseason-size chip on his shoulder, which means this'll be a knockdown, drag-out division road war like it always is. However, although their the defending Super Bowl champs, we've knocked them down a peg because we're not sure what this tumultuous offseason will do to the Pats' collective psyche.

1. @ Indianapolis Colts (September 21st)

Andrew Luck and the Colts are one of the AFC's true measuring sticks until proven otherwise. If there's any time that the Jets can accelerate their retooling process in the span of 60 minutes, taking down one of the preseason Super Bowl favorites on their own turf is it.

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