10 Best New York Jets Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Football season is almost here, which means it's time to start figuring out what your team name will be. The best names are often puns, usually funny and, if you're not playing with children, sometimes just a bit dirty. With that in mind, here are the 10 best New York Jets-related fantasy football team names.

Geno 911!

I guess this makes Geno Smith Lt. Dangle? 

Geno's Jawbreakers

Too soon? 

I Dream Of Geno

The only ones dreaming of Geno are opposing defenses. 

Coples Therapy 

If you share a fantasy team with your significant other, this one could end up fitting well. 

Pryor Arrests

This one works really well if your team if full of lawbreakers. 

Forgetting Brandon Marshall

Somebody took time out of their day to make this.

Kerley Fries

So far, fries have been proven to be a better pick than Kerley.  

Mangold Diggers

Kanye is my hero. 

Antonio Cromartie Is My Dad

Seriously, Cromartie has a lot of kids

Dee's Nutz

Dee Milliner hasn't been great, but he's your gateway to using this as your fantasy team name.

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