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NFL playoffs 2019: Divisional Round quarterback confidence rankings

“Yes. Thank goodness. This is exactly what I was hoping to read today. Yet another quarterback rankings list to add to the pile. This right here is what I need to get through the end of the work week.”

Okay, so maybe this is not what you are thinking at the moment, as you click open this piece and slowly wonder if it is even worth getting through to the end. But here’s the thing: It is Friday. It is hopefully closing in on the end of your work week, and I know full well that if that is the case for you, my dear reader, that you are in all likelihood just staring at the clock and wondering when you can make that quick dart towards the door, down the back stairwell, through the office suite on the floor below so no one near the elevators can see you sneaking away, and down the opposite back stairwell to the sweet relief of freedom just eight floors down.