Dave Gettleman Replacements: Top 5 Candidates For Next New York Giants General Manager In 2022 NFL Season

New York Giants rumors as well as Giants news is buzzing around Dave Gettleman. Giants rumors came out early Sunday morning that Gettleman will not be back as the Giants General Manager for the 2022 NFL season. Who are the top Dave Gettleman replacements? Could the Giants look at an internal option like Kevin Abrams or maybe look to someone they interviewed back in 2017 like Louis Riddick? New York Giants Now host Marshall Green shares his top 5 candidates for New York Giants General Manager In 2022 NFL Season to replace Dave Gettleman in today’s video!

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Top 5 Dave Gettleman Replacements:
- Kevin Abrams, Giants assistant GM
- Louis Riddick, ESPN Analyst
- Dave Ziegler, Patriots director of player personnel
- Mike Borgonzi, Chiefs assistant GM
- Ed Dodds, Colts assistant GM

The Giants General Manager position is one of the most coveted positions in front offices across the NFL. Dave Gettleman replacements focus on guys who are currently assistant general managers that have learned from some of the best GM’s in the NFL. Guys like Dave Ziegler, Mike Borgonzi and Ed Dodds have learned from some of the best and been key parts in keeping their current teams at the top of the NFL. Could the Giants revisit Louis Riddick after interviewing him back in 2017 when Gettleman was hired. 

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