Is the New York Giants season over?

If you have been watching the Giants this season the answer to the question would clearly be yes, their season is over. They are off to an 0-5 start and haven't really been close in a game since week one against the Cowboys. This week against the Eagles figured to be a get-right game for the Giants, as the Eagles had struggled mightily since week one, but the Eagles, and their backup quarterback Nick Foles, picked apart the Giants and won by 15 points. All of this points to the Giants being done this season, but I'm here to tell you they may not be done just yet.

You're probably thinking to yourself "this guy is out of his mind," "how could he say the Giants are possibly still in the playoff race?", and these are all justified thoughts, but if a couple of things go the Giants way, they could be right back in the race pretty soon. The main reason the Giants are not out of the race is because of the dreadful division they play in. The NFC East is full of bad teams, and because of that the Cowboys and Eagles are tied for first place with a record of 2-3. The Redskins are 1-3 a half game back, and the Giants are only two games back of the division lead, having not won a game yet. If the Giants were in the NFC South they would probably be thinking about the 2014 NFL draft, but it looks as though the NFC East could be won with an 8-8 or possibly even a 7-9 record. Having said all that, the Giants cannot win the division if they don't straighten things out on the field

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