Chat New England Podcast, Episode 24: Keeping On.

With the Super Bowl now far behind us, Babcock and I use this week to begin our coverage of this long NFL offseason. We begin today's show by discussing Randy Moss's announcement that he's planning on returning to the NFL. Are the Patriots a possible destination, and would this be a smart risk for an NFL team? We'll touch on Peyton Manning's secret fourth neck surgery. We'll then get in-depth on the contract decisions currently facing the New York Giants. Will Brandon Jacobs and Osi Umenyiora be back in blue next season? Will the Giants give Victor Cruz a new deal based on his production from last season? What should the Giants do with their 21 free agents (including Super Bowl 46 hero Mario Manningham)?

Finally, we touch on Linsanity and how the Kardashian Effect may be a much bigger factor here than anybody realizes.

We also ask you, our fans, to help us come up with a new name for the show.

Here is this week's humble offering:

We'll be back next week for episode 25. We'll be touching on the Patriots salary cap situation, the future of the Celtics, and we'll begin breaking down this NFL free agent class.

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