Chat New England Podcast, Episode 15: The Best of the Best.

I've slyly moved the Chat New England Podcast over to ChatGiants this week.  It only seems right, since we're discussing the NFL pretty exclusively right now.  I'll move it back to ChatCelts when and if the NBA season begins.

Babcock and I entered this week in a deadlock in terms of our record picking against the spread.  You would think that we would start to agree more now that we've seen everyone twice.  But, as usual, we disagree on about half of the matchups.  Other topics include:

Why is it tougher for me to talk about the Giants win this week than it was to talk about their loss last week?  Can the Bills take advantage of the Patriots secondary?  Is Jay Cutler the new LaDainian Tomlinson?  Why can't Vincent Jackson get paid?  Will Mike Shanahan be Coach of the Year if the Redskins actually win the NFC East?  Will Peyton Manning's neck injury be a long-term blessing in disguise for the Colts?  All that, plus we officially bury the Chiefs and discuss the finest footwear available in Minnesota.

Next week, we'll tackle some more e-mail (please e-mail us at, and we'll recap the TGE standings 3 weeks into the season.

Here is this week's humble offering:


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