Game-By-Game Prediction Of The Saints' Record For 2016

The New Orleans Saints had a rough season last year, but are determined to get back to the playoffs. We got our first look at New Orleans' road to the playoffs when the schedule was released last week. While the Saints are hoping for a better effort than their 7-9 campaign last year, many are expecting another down season for New Orleans. Here's a game-by-game prediction of the Saints schedule this year:

Week 1 - vs Oakland Raiders
Prediction: LOSS (0-1)

The Saints are a tough team to beat at home, but the Raiders could very well be a playoff team this year. It's a close game, but the Raiders take their first step towards the playoffs by beating the Saints. 

Week 2 - at New York Giants
Prediction: LOSS (0-2)

The Giants have a new coach, but spent a ton of money upgrading their defense this offseason. It's another close game, but playing on the road costs the Saints. 

Week 3 - vs Atlanta Falcons
Prediction: WIN (1-2)

The Falcons looked great early last season, before struggling down the stretch. Playing at home is what gives the Saints the advantage in this one. 

Week 4 - at San Diego Chargers
Prediction: WIN (2-2)

Which Chargers team shows up next year? They have talent, but won just four games last year. Philip Rivers could have a big day against the Saints' secondary, but Drew Brees will find a way to beat the team that drafted him.  

Week 5 - Bye

Week 6 - Carolina Panthers 
Prediction: WIN (3-2)

How about this for an upset? The Saints are coming off the bye and get the Panthers at home. That's a recipe for an upset, although this might end up being the high-water mark of the Saints' season. 

Week 7 - at Kansas City Chiefs
Prediction: LOSS (3-3)

The Chiefs ended the regular season last year as the hottest team in football. That could continue next year. Even if the Chiefs regress a bit, the Saints won't be able to beat them in Arrowhead.  

Week 8 - vs Seattle Seahawks
Prediction: LOSS (3-4)

Playing at home won't be enough for the Saints to upset the Seahawks. If Jimmy Graham is healthy and able to play, he could be in for a big game. 

Week 9 - at San Francisco 49ers
Prediction: LOSS (3-5)

Had this been a home game, I would have given the Saints a win. But, playing on the road one week after playing Seattle will be a challenge. The 49ers, no matter who their QB is, should be better next year. 

Week 10 - vs Denver Broncos

Prediction: LOSS (3-6)

The Broncos lost plenty of talent this offseason, but they are still a better team than the Saints. The home field advantage won't be enough for the Saints. 

Week 11 - at Carolina Panthers
Prediction: LOSS (3-7)

The Saints beat the Panthers at home in this projection, but they won't do the same on the road. 

Week 12 - vs Los Angeles Rams
Prediction: WIN (4-7)

The Saints are at home and get a few extra days of preparation time since the game against Carolina is a Thursday night matchup. The Rams could be solid next year, depending on how their rookie QB plays, but the home field advantage will be a boost to the Saints. 

Week 13 - vs Detroit Lions

Prediction: WIN (5-7)

Which Lions team shows up next year? The one that was awful to start the season, or the one that was solid later in the year? I'm betting it's the former. 

Week 14 - at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Prediction: LOSS (5-8)

The Bucs should be even better last year, when they split with the Saints. At home and possibly still in the mix for a playoff berth, the Bucs come out on top.  

Week 15 - at Arizona Cardinals 
Prediction: LOSS (5-9)

On the road for the second straight week against the Cardinals is not a recipe for a win. The Saints could get blown out in this one. 

Week 16 - vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Prediction: LOSS (5-10)

If the Bucs are still in the playoff mix, they might not be after the Saints play spoiler. The Saints closed with some wins late in the year and that could be the case this season, 

Week 17 - at Atlanta Falcons

Prediction: LOSS (5-11) 

If the Saints enter this game with just five wins, they'd be smart to loss this game. It will help them get a better draft pick. The Saints have too many questions on defense to predict that they'll make the playoffs. Drew Brees can only do so much. 

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