Trending Saints News: Is Jimmy Graham a wide receiver or tight end?

In today's Saints news update, there has been a ton of controversy this offseason surrounding New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham and his claims that he should be paid like a franchise wide receiver - and not as a tight end.

At this point, it looks like Graham and the Saints will present their diametrically-opposed views to a council of NFL representatives starting June 17th. On the line is $5 million or so, depending upon if the franchise-tagged Graham is termed to be a receiver or a tight end.

In the view of writer Larry Holder, the debate may not last long: "Graham is an All-Pro tight end and deserves to be paid as such. The Saints have no qualms about making him the highest-paid tight end in the league, surpassing the six-year, $53 million deal struck in 2012 by New England and Rob Gronkowski."

"Graham, however, wants to be considered a wide receiver to ultimately get paid like one," continues Holder in an article posted on Saturday. "But as the results show, when treated like a receiver by defenses, Graham doesn't fit the bill."

Either way, the Saints and Graham will plead their respective cases, with neither side budging at the present moment.


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