3 Reasons Why The Saints Are Guaranteed To Beat The Eagles

The New Orleans Saints are coming off a season-saving 26-20 OT win at the Dallas Cowboys last week. Now, they get a chance to pick on another NFC East team currently on a down trend. Sounds like a easy win to us. Here's 3 Reasons Why The Saints Are GUARANTEED To Beat The Eagles.

1. Philadelphia's Pass Defense...

...sits 25th in the NFL with 896 total yards given up. The Saints' passing offense is 2nd in the NFL with 1,218 yards through the air. Things aren't necessarily always as simple as the numbers bear out, but they are here. Drew Brees will absolutely pick apart one of the most suspect secondaries in all of the league.

2. One-Dimensional Philly Offense

The Eagles can't get out of their own way in the running game. Sometimes their blocking is atrocious. Sometimes their running backs can't spot an open hole even if they're halfway through it. The Saints run defense has been a spot of worry all season long, but that's not going to be the case against th #29 running attack in the NFL.

3. The Chip Kelly Implosion

It's coming. It has to be, right? This Eagles team just got dumped by the Washington Redskins of all teams in Week 4 -- not a team that a squad of Philadelphia's talent level should even be troubled by in the slightest. Now they face a New Orleans squad that is currently being buoyed by a massive road OT win at Dallas last week. Momentum means something, folks. The Saints will win and it won't be close.

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