David Stern Accuses Jim Rome of Beating His Wife!

In a radio interview this morning with Jim Rome, David Stern delivered one of the biggest cheap shots in sports history.

Rome asked Stern about the controversial NBA draft, in which many believe that the NBA rigged the draft so that Hornets would win. Some are conspiring that the draft was rigged because the Hornets are currently owned by the NBA.

In utter dismay of Rome's questions, Stern fired back "Have you stopped beating your wife yet." This verbal assault was completely off topic and was nothing but a complete low-blow at Rome. Instead of answering the question candidly, Stern tried to turn it around and make Rome look the fool.

Rome tried to alleviate the situation by backing off a bit and asserting he was just asking a question brought up by his fan. Yet, Stern continued the interview in a brusque manner, making it clear he has no liking for Rome or his questions.

Whether or not the draft was actually fixed is hard to say. But Stern's response does seem like one of a man trying to hide a dirty secret.

For full audio of the interview between Rome and Stern watch the clip below.

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