You Won't Believe The Absurdly High Price Tom Brady Is Charging For An Autograph

Fresh off his fifth Super Bowl win and fourth Super Bowl MVP, New England Patriots Tom Brady is going to participate in a memorabilia signing. And it's not going to come cheaply for those who want something signed. Brady is doing a autograph session with Tristar Memorabilia on March 15th and the price to get an item signed is insanely high. 

Below, we have some of the items listed, in order of price.

Trading card: $499
Flat Item up to 11x14: $799 
Flat item larger than 11x14: $819
Mini helmet or football: $819
Full-size helmet or jersey: $849
Reproduced artwork or multi-signed item: $1,399
Original artwork, game-used item or anything else: $1,999

There are some variations on the company's site and those prices above are just to get Brady's name. If you want a special inscription, it'll cost you even more. Choosing from "4x SB," "MVP," "SB 51 MVP," "SB 49 MVP," "SB 38 MVP," "SB 36 MVP," or "16-0 '07" will run you an extra $299 dollars. Picking "2x NFL MVP," "5x SB Champ," "SB 51 Champs," "07 NFL MVP," or "10 NFL MVP" is an extra $399. You can also get a person inscription, but that costs $499 and you're limited to 20 characters.

 So yeah, Brady's autograph is rather expensive these days. By the way, it won't be a public signing. Brady will sign the items for Tristar, who will then ship off the items to its customers.

This isn't the first time Brady has worked with Tristar. Back in 2015, his signature for a flat item (i.e. a photo) was $649. Winning another Super Bowl apparently has helped drive up Brady's price. 

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