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The Bruins want Bill Belichick’s advice on how to handle “time off” before a championship

The other day before going out for a show that night, I was sitting around waiting for the Lyft and randomly thought “Ok, the Celtics are out of the playoffs and the Bruins don’t play for another week...a whole week with no playoff this what normal cities feel like all the time?”

Fortunately, the Bruins don’t have some spare R&R time because they pissed away a roster that’d win everything short of a Warriors series if you simmed it in NBA2K and might have to burn the whole house down to kill the spider in the living room, they’ve got a week to chill because they took the Carolina Hurricanes and exacted sweet, sweet revenge for those of us who woke up one morning in Connecticut as a kid like “Wait, what do you MEAN the Whalers are ‘gone’?