Patriots Rumors: Dont’a Hightower Returns To The Field, Veterans Stepping Up Without Tom Brady, Patriots Players On Having Fun

With OTAs officially underway, there are plenty of New England Patriots rumors and news to sort through, including LB Dont’a Hightower officially returning from the field after missing most of 2017 with a torn pectoral muscle. We also go over Tom Brady spending time in Monaco instead of being at OTAs.

We break down everything around Cassius Marsh and his recent comments about the Patriots as well as Cliff Avril saying the Patriots caused the Seahawks potential dynasty to collapse. Finally, we go over the top news from OTAs including the Patriots top camp battles and who is filling the leadership roles with Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski not at camp.

The video above (and shown below) is from the Patriots Report, a Facebook live show! All of these videos can be found on the Patriots Report on YouTube.

The full Facebook Live Patriots Report show can be watched here.

Here is the full list of Patriots news and rumors:
- Cassius Marsh is mad
- Tom Brady was in Monaco
- Patriots close to an extension with Gronk
- Dont'a Hightower at OTA's?
- Pats back to AFC Champ. Game?
- Kobe Bryant at Gillette?
- Pats cause Seahawks collapse?
- Pats biggest battle at WR?
- Other players filling leadership roles?

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