Patriots Rumors: Cordarrelle Patterson Trade, Malcolm Butler Leaves, Danny Shelton Joins The Team

On this episode of the Patriots Report, we break down the top New England Patriots news and rumors from this week including the Patriots recent trade for Raiders WR Cordarrelle Patterson.

We start with Special Teams Pro-Bowler Matt Slater visiting the Steelers as the Patriots have yet to resign the 33 year-old. We also go over LT Cameron Fleming and LaAdrian Waddle visiting the Dallas Cowboys. The Patriots signed their first big name of the offseason by giving Adrian Clayborn a 2-year deal. The Patriots also gave Patrick Chung a new extension and picked up Devin McCourty’s twin brother, Jason McCourty, in a trade with the Browns to help out the secondary.

We go over the Patriots losing both Nate Solder and Malcolm Butler to free agency. Solder signed the richest contract for any LT in NFL history. We also cover Danny Woodhead retiring, Shea McClellin and Nate Ebner returning and the possibility of the Patriots resigning Eric Ebron.

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Our full list of New England Patriots rumors is listed below: 
-Matt Slater to the Steelers?
-Cameron Fleming to Cowboys?
-Adrian Clayborn to Patriots?
-Pat Chung gets extension?
-McCourty twins reunited?
-Danny Woodhead retires?
-Pats offer to Solder wasn't similar?
-Patriots players are miserable?
-Shea McClellin to continue playing?
-Malcolm Butler leaves with class?
-James Harrison to play in 2018?
-Nate Ebner returning?
-Cordarrelle Patterson to the Patriots?
-Eric Ebron to Patriots?
-LaAdrian Waddle to Cowboys?

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