BREAKING: Josh McDaniels Won't Take Colts Head Coach Job, Will Stay With Patriots - Live Now

In a complete stunner, Josh McDaniels will NOT be the next Indianapolis Colts head coach. Adam Schefter reports that McDaniels has elected to remain the New England Patriots. 

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The Colts had already agreed to a deal with McDaniels. In fact, a press conference was scheduled for Wednesday. 

It's unclear who the Colts will target for their next head coach. They are sure furious with McDaniels' decision after agreeing to his deal and several other coaches. 

As for McDaniels, his decision to stay with the Patriots comes after, as Schefter reports, owner Robert Kraft "sweetened" his contract. It's reasonable to think that that could come with being the eventual Bill Belichick replacement. Follow Chat Sports on YouTube.

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Insider Harris Rubenstein is LIVE now on Patriots Report Watch Above

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