Here Are 3 Trades The Patriots Could Make With The 23rd Overall Pick In The 2018 NFL Draft

The Patriots rumors are starting to swirl around if the New England Patriots will make a trade in the 2018 NFL Draft. The possible trades range from the Patriots trading the entire top-end of their draft for the #2 overall pick to select UCLA QB Josh Rosen to be the heir apparent to Tom Brady. We also have one where the Patriots trade up to #9 with the San Francisco 49ers to select Georgia LB Roquan Smith and give their LB core the top-end talent they need.

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Our final trade revolves around the Odell Beckham Jr. to Patriots rumor, which would require New England to give up both of their first rounds picks this year. It would be a very un-Bill Belichick trade, but it is an option nonetheless.

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Our list of trades are listed below:
- Possible trade for OBJ
- Possible trade up for LB Roquan Smith
- Possible trade up for QB Josh Rosen

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