Fact Or Fiction: Tom Brady Will Win The NFL MVP In A Unanimous Vote

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady is at the top of most NFL MVP Power Rankings, and for good reason. He's had a great season and is the favorite for the MVP. However, will he be the unanimous MVP this year? 

Why He Will:

Brady is the best player in the NFL on the best team, which is why he's the favorite to win. If Brady continues to win and the Patriots go undefeated, Brady will be the unanimous MVP. It will mirror what happened in 2011, when Brady received all the first place votes. Brady is torching every defense he faces and that shouldn't stop in the near future. He'll post the wins and stats to capture the MVP. Brady's unanimous chances will ultimately be determined by the other candidates. 

Why He Won't: 

Brady has stiff competition for MVP this season. Andy Dalton and Carson Palmer have strong cases and Cam Newton has carried the Panthers offense. It only takes one voter to ruin Brady's chances at being a unanimous MVP. If Newton and the Panthers continue to win, that will put a serious dent in Brady's chances. Brady is the only player to ever be the unanimous MVP, and it took an undefeated regular season for that to happen. The same scenario might need to occur again. 


Brady will win the MVP, but it won't be unanimous. Newton will steal a few votes, especially since the Panthers could win 13 or more games. Brady will win comfortably, but he won't get every single vote. And in the grand scheme of things, Brady and the Patriots will gladly take that. Brady winning the MVP means he had a great season and that the Patriots are in a perfect position to make the Super Bowl. 

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