Top 8 Guys In Your Fantasy Football League

It’s that time of the year again. Fantasy football season is right around the corner and it’s a fresh start for everyone in their respective leagues. Knowing that many of you are ready to check your team religiously and lose any production you had going in your place of work, we decided to put together a rundown of the eight typical people you'll find in your fantasy league. So, which one are you?

The Strategic One

This guy has been playing fantasy football for as long as he can remember and he’ll let you know of every occasion where one of his “genius” roster moves got him a big win. You could care less, but he’ll never forget any close encounters during his fantasy career. He’s also the guy that has the most roster transactions at the end of the year…topping everyone else by at least 30 moves.

The Autodrafter

This guy said he’d join your league, but you knew he didn’t seem as committed as the rest of the group. He also told you he “should be able to make the draft,” but you knew that was false as well. Of course draft day roles around and he’s the only guy that isn’t there, so his whole team is auto-picked for him. Well, someone has to end up with Tony Romo, so good thing he’s in your league.

The Trash Talker

It doesn’t matter if the season hasn’t even started yet, this guy will still be in your face talking about how no one else should even try this year because he already has the championship locked up. He’s also one of the biggest excuse makers due to the fact that his trash talk only stands up about half of the time. If you don’t take him too seriously, as no one should, than he’ll most likely tone it down as the season goes on. Most likely..

The Nitpicker

This is the guy who makes a big deal out of every single move that's done by the commissioner. A big trade is approved..he complains. The draft time is moved up an hour so everyone can make it..he complains. The trade deadline is moved back a week..well you get the picture.

The Odd Ball

This is the “friend of a friend” that no one really knows and that doesn’t converse with anyone in the league from start to finish. He cruises through the season making a few moves here and there and always seems to have a really good record. This is what gets people in a fantasy league the most upset, the unknown guy going all the way. If you don’t hate seeing that, you aren’t a true fantasy owner my friend.

The Underachiever

This guy pulls off an incredible draft, locking up two big name running backs with one of the top QB’s and a dominant wide receiving core. Everything goes downhill from here. His all-pro players underachieve, but he hangs on to them waiting for their potential to kick in. Soon enough it’s playoff time and he’s one of the odd men out because he waited too long to pull the plug on his pre-season championship-favorite squad.

The Average One

This guy has a semi-impressive draft and will make a few good roster moves throughout the season, but he's not going to "wow" anyone with the team he's put together. He normally has a decent fantasy quarterback like Joe Flacco or Ben Roethlisberger that will win him some games, but also put up some miserable performances to balance things out. He normally gets the 4 or 5 seed for the playoffs and is an early exit. Sorry average guy, you’re just too average.

The Commissioner

This guy easily has the biggest impact on the league’s overall success, as he's in charge of all the little things that go into making a fantasy league work. He has to set up the draft, make sure he’s ready for questions on how the waivers work and why punt returns don’t count towards the defenses points, and handle any issue that arises during the season. He's normally a very levelheaded individual that knows how to run a group of people in an efficient manner. Always respect your commissioner because more often than not he's doing what's best for your league at all times.

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