The Patriots Got Talent

Is the Patriots secondary the most musically talented in the NFL? I have no real way of knowing this for sure but I can say that they have certainly had the most productive off-season of any team in the NFL when it comes to making headlines and dropping hot hip-hop singles. I just came across Brandon Meriweather's new single "VIP" which debuted on 98.5 The Sports Hub's Toucher & Rich this week. Gold. Pure gold.

Meriweather, who is well known around the league for his reckless and sometimes vicious hits in the secondary (ask Todd Heap about it) is just as well known in Boston for his unintentionally hilarious interviews.  His retelling of the Patriots trip to London, England has become a legendary piece of recorded history. I mean one look at the hat the guy is wearing in that picture above and it is clear that he not only raps about a VIP lifestyle, he lives it.  At least we've heard that Meriweather is training hard for the upcoming season.  "Training hard" as in Rocky getting ready to fight Drago, apparently.  No word on whether or not he has been wearing a sheepskin coat.

A few weeks back we had another Patriots defensive back making headlines for an alleged affair with Kim Kardashian.  The story, which stemmed from an alleged telephone and text message fling between safety Bret Lockett and Kardashian.  Lockett eventually admitted that he had never met Kim in person.  Not surprisingly, while millions wondered whether or not the affair would destroy Kim's relationship and engagement with NBA player Kris Humphries, it came out that Lockett was in the process of launching a career as an R&B artist.

Is it wierd that a shirtless black guy is doing the Nazi salute in front of a statue of Jesus or is it just me?

This is worth watching if you're into terrible rhyming, swimming with dolphins and shirtless rapping in a cave. A legit cave. With stalactites, stalagmites, the whole deal. Lockett can keep texting Kardashian but I don't think its going to help launch his music career or help him figure out how to properly pronounce Bogata. As in Bogata Columbia. You'll have to watch the video.

Lockett hasn't seen much time at all as a Patriot and its clear to me that he is both an inferior musician and safety, at least compared to Meriweather. 

I'm not sure whether to be excited about this or completely ashamed.  My only hope is that VIP will be the new theme music for Patriots home games after an entire year of Bon Jovi's dry heave of a song "This is our House" playing constantly at Gilette Stadium and making me want to drive a hot railroad spike through my eardrum.  Maybe Meriweather can enlist Lockett for a remix so they can get "Foxboro on Swole", whatever that might mean.

As long as Tom Brady doesn't come out with a cover of this Rick Astley jam, I can't complain.

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