Patriots Rumors: Latest on Tom Brady vs. WEEI, Alex Reimer, Gronkowski's Return to Practice

With Super Bowl week officially here, there are plenty of news and rumors to sort through for the New England Patriots. The biggest story of the week has been the fiasco between Tom Brady and WEEI. We have Alex Reimer's comment against Brady's daughter in the video below as well as Brady's response. We have an update on Rob Gronkowski's injury and Josh McDaniels' contract offer from the Indianapolis Colts.

The video above (and shown below) is from the Patriots Report, a Facebook live show! All of these videos can be found on the Patriots Report on YouTube.

The full Facebook Live Patriots Report show can be watched here.

The full list of New England Patriots rumors is listed below:
-Rob Gronkowski returns to practice?
-Host suspended at WEEI for comments about Brady's daughter?
-Tom Brady taking PEDs
-Josh McDaniels to Colts official?
-Brady feels better at 40 than at 22
-Brady's mic drop

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